Hunting in Irkutsk area.

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                                                           Lynx hunting in Irkutsk area.

AREA:                          Irkutsk 

WAY OF HUNTING:   Searching for a fresh lynx track. Hunt by horse and with dogs.

TIME:                          November 01 to November 10

GROUP SIZE:            2  - 3  hunters

ACCOMODATION:   hunting house


I T I N E R A R Y 

Day 1              Arrival in Moscow, flight  to Irkutsk in the evening .

Day 2              Arrival in Irkutsk, transfer to the hunting area

Day 3- 9          7 day of hunting

Day 10            Return to Irkutsk flight to Moscow, departure in the evening



Wounded and lost animal - no refund! The animal should be paid at full price.


ADDITIONAL TROPHIES should be booked before the hunt.

             Musk Deer   

             Roe  Deer                                                              

             Bear +  € 200 CITES


             Wolf +  € 200 CITES


             Black cock



€ 500               is to be paid up front for every additional big game tag.  Non refundable.

After harvesting an animal this amount is taken into account for trophy fee.


Costs include: car transfer Irkutsk - area - Irkutsk,services of an experienced guide, accommodation and meals in the hunting camp, services of interpreter,trophy care in the hunting camp.

Costs exclude: hotel before and after the hunt; meals and alcoholic beverages in Moscow, Irkutsk;  alcoholic and carbonated beverages; items of a personal nature,tips, trophy service in Moscow, trophy shipment.



€150                Formalities package per hunter - invitation letter; meeting upon arrival in Moscow; transfer between airports in Moscow, services of an interpreter in Moscow, firearm export/import permit, foreign hunter fee; international veterinary certificate.

€200                CITES

Flight  Moscow - Irkutsk - Moscow:

€ 400               economy class *

€ 2.500            business class *

* Price for airline  tickets is the subject to be changed without special notes.

* According to russian regulations it is impossible to take your Lynx trophy with you. The trophy will be shipped upon obtaining the CITES document.